Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Man Who Steals Female Panties Caught - Photo

As the Trial of Saraki and Ekweremadu & co was proceeding, I heard the noise of a mob outside our fence. I checked out to see what's going on. Alas! The guy in the pic below is being lynched by the mob. I moved closer to find out his offense, I realized he used to go round to steal panties (especially of females) hung on the line. After being tortured for some hours, he confessed he has been in the business for a while, and he's being sponsored by some people. He said the leader pays him N500 per a panty. He claimed to come from Akinmoorin in Afijio LG. I appealed to the mob not to take law into their hands via Jungle Justice, rather they should let us hand him over to the believed "unfaithful" NPF corps. They agreed with me and we immediately invited the corps, then handed him over to them. He also confessed a "Babalawo" is their sponsor.

Over to you careless households! Undies are better dried in your personal bathroom, or your living room in the absence of personal toilet/bathroom. These ritualists won't give up! As they eat faeces (deficates) here and there, look for human parts and other things for their money rituals. The "yahoo boys" internet fraudsters are also there for you greedy and never satisfied/discontented girls and women, who're gold diggers. It's time to be very careful and watchful. Honestly money-making is not an easy task, ask me and I will tell you. Stop "tripping" for extravagances as well as lavish spenders. It's good to pose at the front seat or owner's corner of Range spot and other nice cars, but do you ever ask the source of the glitters? May God guide and protect us!
Over to you too RITUALISTS! And you're carried away with this quick passing brief and short world? You forgot the reality that we came with nothing and will go with nothing. All you acquired can NEVER be useful for you the moment the Angel of Death overtakes you. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, Fear Death, Fear the Grave and the day of reckoning and recompense, the day of accountability, Fear Hell, whose Fuel shall be Human and stone.
All your Gas stations shall be inherited by those that could not touch your cloth when you're living. No one will ever possess more than what God Has destined for him/her. Let's be Patient and keep working hard.
May God help and have mercy upon us!! - Vivian Gist Reporter


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